(Slides above depict "Drone Theory & Design" curriculum)

NEW for JUNE 2021!! All recreational flyers must pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test (TRUST) and provide proof of test passage to the FAA or law enforcement upon request. It's FREE to take!!

Welcome to our Amazing Curriculum!
Drone Theory & Design Curriculum

We've developed a 16-UNIT CURRICULUM that truly focuses on the elements of STEM EDUCATION. Besides addressing essential theory and design concepts of today's DRONE TECHNOLOGY, the UNITs include problem-solving activities that are aimed at enhancing student understanding. Each UNIT includes Dedicated Handouts, PowerPoint™ Presentations, Vocabulary Definitions, Student Activities, Quizzes, and Teacher Lesson Plans.


Unit 1: Design & Documentation
Unit 2: Safety Considerations
Unit 3: Introduction to Drones
Unit 4: Fundamentals of Flight
Unit 5: Airframes
Unit 6: Electric Motors
Unit 7: Propellers
Unit 8: Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)
Unit 9: Flight Controllers
Unit 10: Batteries, Chargers, & Connectors
Unit 11: Transmitters & Receivers
Unit 12: Cameras, Gimbals, & Other Payloads
Unit 13: Ground Control Stations & FPV
Unit 14: Regulations & The FAA
Unit 15: Drone Maintenance & Battery Care
Unit 16: Efficiency vs. Performance
Curriculum Breakdown
Kit Build

This full 16-Unit "Drone Theory & Design" curriculum is written as a semester-long course if every activity is carried out. Our hope is this knowledge will provide a stimulus for the students to further explore the topic and develop their own creations and designs.


Brushless DC  Motors Students learn how brushless DC motors work and why they are the best choice to power multicopters.

Drone Configurations Students learn about various drone configurations and the pros & cons of each in a build design.

Airfoils Students learn about the funda-
mentals of flight and how these principles apply to multirotor lift.

Curriculum Comparisons



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Learn to Fly curriculum

We also offer an 8-Unit "Learn-to-Fly" Curriculum that may be perfect for your situation. Great for middle-schools, after-school, and summer programs.

Drone Essentials curriculum

RealFlightA 5-Unit cost-effective "Drone Essentials" curriculum that allows you to introduce drone theory to your class. Also perfect for schools unable to fly actual drones. Has the option to incorporate flight simulators.

The importance of SAFETY is emphasized in all of our curriculum offerings, and current FAA REGULATIONS are thoroughly covered.