(FAA Part 107 Certification)

A 12-Unit comprehensive curriculum package
that can be taught in a classroom setting.

Our curriculum prepares students for the "FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test."

Our "Remote Pilot Training" curriculum covers all of the specific textbook information needed to successfully pass the
FAA's General Knowledge Test (such as effects of weather, reading latitude and longitude coordinates, etc.). Because
the Part 107 Exam is an objective multiple-choice test and does not require a demonstration of flight competency,
no operation of drones that are under FAA oversight are part of our Remote Pilot curriculum.

FAA Remote Pilot License

At the end of the curriculum study, your students will have the opportunity to take an online practice test that simulates the actual Remote Pilot Knowledge Test (60 questions from a pool of 300 questions).

CLICK HERE to take a 10-question sample of the practice test.

Unit 1: Pathway to Certification
Unit 2: Drone Theory & Aeronautical Basics
Unit 3: Regulations & Operating Rules
Unit 4: Airspace Classifications & Operating
Unit 5: Aviation Weather, Effects & Sources
Unit 6: sUAS Loading & Performance
Unit 7: Emergency Flight Procedures
Unit 8: Crew Resource Management (CRM)
Unit 9: Radio Communications
Unit 10: Airport Operations
Unit 11: Maintenance & Inspection Procedures
Unit 12: FAA Knowledge Test - Exam Prep

Supplement A: Exam Resources
Supplement B: Choosing the Right Drone
Supplement C: LiPo Battery Care
Supplement D: Common Sense Practices
Supplement E: Focus on Flight - Beginning
Supplement F: Focus on Flight - Advanced

Outline & Timeline

Teacher Requirements:
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.
• Screen Projector.

Student Requirements:
• Course Prerequisites: None.
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

Delivery Format: Digital download.
Curriculum ONLY: $1199 per school.
   (Unlimited teachers, students, and computers.
   License never expires.)
Other options: See Full Price List


Each UNIT includes:
• Dedicated Handouts
• PowerPoint™ Presentations
• Vocabulary Definitions w/Quizzes
• Student Activities
• Unit Quiz
• Teacher Lesson Plan

To qualify for a Remote Pilot Certificate (sUAS rating), a person must:
   * Demonstrate aeronautical knowledge by passing an
     initial Aeronautical Knowledge Test at an
     FAA-approved Knowledge Testing Center.
   * Be vetted by the Transportation Security Administration
   * Be at least 16 years old.
   * Read, write, speak, and understand the English
     language (exceptions will be made for medical      reasons, such as hearing impairment).
   * Be in a physical and mental condition that would not
     interfere with the safe operation of a sUAS.





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