There is extremely high interest and curiousity in drone technology among students and teachers, but organized information on the topic is difficult to find. Although the Internet is abundant in links and videos on the subject, it is quite a chore to find exactly what you want without doing numerous searches and perusing many articles and videos. As a collaborative effort among high school teachers who understand the need for a logical approach to the subject, DroneCurriculum.net was created to provide high-quality, meaningful curricula rooted in STEM principles and concepts.

We are not a "Drone Academy." What we offer are multiple "stand-alone" curriculum options for teachers wanting to incorporate some type of drone curriculum into their programs. We have solutions for multiple grade levels -- from middle schools to high schools to college-level needs. We also offer three areas of focus: theory and design, increasing flight skills (by using indoor toy drones), and preparing students to be successful at passing the FAA's Remote Pilot Certification Exam by teaching the pertinent general knowledge.

* Our "Drone Essentials" curriculum was created as a cost-effective way to introduce drone theory and flight basics into your current curriculum. It is also perfect for schools that are not allowed to fly actual drones on campus. There is an option to purchase Drone Flight Simulators along with the curriculum to provide your students with a meaningful application of their knowledge. No flying skills or direct operation of actual drones are part of our "Drone Essentials" curriculum.

* Our "Drone Theory & Design" curriculum was created to provide students with a basic understanding of drone design concepts, and is meant to challenge them with meaningful content and activities. Our hope is this knowledge will provide a stimulus for the students to further explore the topic and develop their own creations and designs. No flying skills or direct operation of drones are part of the "Drone Theory & Design" curriculum.

* Our "Drone Design 'Lite'" curriculum was created as a "lighter" version of the full "Drone Theory & Design" curriculum. This version has been truncated to 8 Units while retaining meaningful content. This version also comes with the option to build smaller 250mm drone kits. Drone Design "Lite" is perfect for after-school and summer programs, or for schools who want to incorporate drone design into their current coursework without devoting an entire semester. No flying skills or direct operation of drones are part of the "Drone Design 'Lite'" curriculum.

* Our "Learn-to-Fly" 8-Unit curriculum does not incorporate the enginering design process, but it is perfect for certain situations as a stand-alone option. A few internal units focus on progressive indoor activities intended to enhance flight skills. The toy drones recommended for the "Learn-to-Fly curriculum are intended to be flown indoors only. Because the flying occurs indoors, these units are not under FAA oversight.

* Our "Remote Pilot Preparation" curriculum covers all of the specific textbook information needed to successfully pass the FAA's General Knowledge Test (such as effects of weather, reading latitude and longitude coordinates, etc.). Because the Part 107 Exam is an objective multiple-choice test and does not require a demonstration of flight competency, no operation of drones that are under FAA oversight are part of our "Remote Pilot" curriculum.

* FAA "Educational Memorandum"

* FAA P.L. 112-95, Section 336

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