A 5-Unit comprehensive curriculum package that introduces

ONLY $399!!

Perfect for schools that are not allowed to fly actual drones!!

This is a cost-effective way to introduce drone theory and flight basics into your current curriculum.
This 5-unit package comes complete with student handouts, PowerPoint presentations, vocabulary lists
and quizzes, unit activities, overall unit quizzes, and teacher lesson plans. There is an option to purchase
DRONE FLIGHT SIMULATORS along with the curriculum to provide your students with a meaningful
application of their knowledge. No flying skills or direct operation of actual drones are part of our
"Drone Essentials" curriculum.

Unit 1: Safety First
Unit 2: Overview of Drones
Unit 3: Basics of Flight
Unit 4: Common Sense Flying
Unit 5: Maintenance & LiPo Battery care

Outline & Timeline

Teacher Requirements:
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.
• Screen Projector.

Student Requirements:
• Course Prerequisites: None.
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

Delivery Format: Digital download.
Curriculum ONLY: $399 per school.
   (Unlimited teachers, students, and computers.
   License never expires.)
Curriculum w/1 Drone Flight Simulator: $579
   per school.
Curriculum w/2 Drone Flight Simulators: $759
   per school.
Curriculum w/3 Drone Flight Simulators: $939
   per school.
Add $180 each to order additional Simulators:
Other options: See Full Price List


Each UNIT includes:
• Dedicated Handouts
• PowerPoint™ Presentations
• Vocabulary Definitions w/Quizzes
• Comprehension/Discussion Activities
• Unit Quiz (20 questions)
• Teacher Lesson Plan

To facilitate total comprehension, you have the option to purchase DRONE FLIGHT SIMULATORS!!

RealFlight Drone SimulatorThe RealFlight DRONE FLIGHT SIMULATOR
is considered one of the finest simulators available. (Cost per simulator is in addition to the curriculum price).

Get practice before you fly for real with the RealFlight Drone flight simulator software for Windows. The software features a wide range of model types to choose from -- pick the one closest to your real aircraft, or try out something different. To operate the simulator, the InterLink Elite controller by Futaba is included. This mock transmitter features the feel and layout of a real RC transmitter and connects to your computer via USB.





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