An 8-Unit comprehensive curriculum package that focuses on
the basic understanding of DRONE DESIGN.

This is a "lighter" version of the full 16-Unit "Drone Theory & Design" Curriculum. By comparison, this version has been truncated to 8 Units which reduced the content and activities. Unlike the 16-Unit curriculum, the Drone Design "Lite" Curriculum is not based on the engineering design process. Being a "shorter" curriculum, Drone Design "Lite" is perfect for after-school and summer programs, or for schools who want to incorporate drone design into their current coursework. 230mm "Ready-to-Fly" Indoor Toy Drones may be purchased as add-ons or choose RealFlight Drone Flight Simulators to compliment the Drone Design "Lite" Curriculum. Our hope is this knowledge will provide a stimulus for the students to further explore the topic and develop their own creations
and designs. No outdoor flying skills are part of our Drone Design "Lite" curriculum.

Unit 1: Safety First
Unit 2: Drone Overview & Flight Basics
Unit 3: Drone Configurations & Airframes
Unit 4: Motors & Propellers
Unit 5: ESCs & Flight Controllers
Unit 6: Batteries, Chargers & LiPo Battery Care
Unit 7: Transmitters, Receivers & FPV
Unit 8: Regulations & The FAA

Outline & Timeline

Teacher Requirements:
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.
• Screen Projector.

Student Requirements:
• Course Prerequisites: None.
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

Delivery Format: Digital download.
Curriculum ONLY: $999 per school.
   (Unlimited teachers, students, and computers.
   License never expires.)
Other options and ADD-ONS: See Full Price List


Each UNIT includes:
• Dedicated Handouts
• PowerPoint™ Presentations
• Vocabulary Definitions w/Quizzes
• Comprehension/Discussion Activities
• Unit Quiz (20 questions)
• Teacher Lesson Plan

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