An 8-Unit comprehensive curriculum package that focuses on
the basic understanding of DRONE DESIGN.

This is a "lighter" version of the full "Drone Theory & Design" Curriculum. By comparison, this version has been truncated to
8 Units, thereby reducing some activities but retaining meaningful content. This version also comes with the option to build
smaller 250mm drone kits. (Note: There are no upgrades offered for these 250mm kits such as GPS or FPV).
Drone Design "Lite" is perfect for after-school and summer programs, or for schools who want to incorporate drone
design into their current coursework. Our hope is this knowledge will provide a stimulus for the students
to further explore the topic and develop their own creations and designs. No flying skills or direct operation
of drones are part of our Drone Design "Lite" curriculum.

Unit 1: Safety First
Unit 2: Drone Overview & Flight Basics
Unit 3: Drone Configurations & Airframes
Unit 4: Motors & Propellers
Unit 5: ESCs & Flight Controllers
Unit 6: Batteries, Chargers & LiPo Battery Care
Unit 7: Transmitters, Receivers & FPV
Unit 8: Regulations & The FAA

Outline & Timeline

Teacher Requirements:
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.
• Screen Projector.

Student Requirements:
• Course Prerequisites: None.
• Desktop or Laptop (Windows or Mac).
• Adobe Reader
• Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.

Delivery Format: Digital download.
Curriculum ONLY: $999 per school.
   (Unlimited teachers, students, and computers.
   License never expires.)
Curriculum w/2 Basic 250mm Drone kits: $1899    per school.
   (Unlimited teachers, students, and computers.
   License never expires.)
Other options and ADD-ONS: See Full Price List


Each UNIT includes:
• Dedicated Handouts
• PowerPoint™ Presentations
• Vocabulary Definitions w/Quizzes
• Comprehension/Discussion Activities
• Unit Quiz (20 questions)
• Teacher Lesson Plan

To facilitate total comprehension, our Drone Curriculum has the option of incorporating ACTUAL DRONE KITS THAT THE STUDENTS BUILD!

Each kit is intended for 2-3 students. Kit parts and brands may vary.

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